What is SCAN FAIR?

Scan Fair is a unique marketing scheme brought to you by Miracco Racing. 


Scan Fair's main objective is to provide an affordable, exciting and unique way for companies and brands to be involved in motorsport.  Scan Fair will do this by covering our race car in 3000+ QR codes. From packages starting from £6995, we hope to sell these QR codes to willing businesses. These QR codes will be linked to prizes provided by our potential partners. Furthermore with the Scan fair app any fan, member of the public, a fellow competitor can download and sign up for the app to have a chance of winning a prize. Should a participant win a prize their sign-on information is passed to the appropriate company to be added to their vast marketing and sales database. For the winner, they receive a prize and for ourselves and our participating partner, we gain massive fan and media interaction. 


Furthermore, Scan Fair does not only provide this unique opportunity to motorsport, but we also plan to advance Scan Fair into the retail market, generating an app that allows customers to scan QR codes outside retail outlets and as a result, receiving a little extra discount for doing so. With this, we aim to help aid customer foot traffic in stores themselves, more customers through the door with their little extra discount will help drive sales.